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Daycare is all about activity

What is Daycare?

Daycare gives your dog the opportunity to act like a dog, run jump, chase and play with their four legged friends. Our pet parents love that daycare burns off all that energy. Request a daycare evaluation »

Perfect Social Balance

Uptown Hounds high energy playtime involves interaction within the four legged friends of their size group. Our staff creates high energy play by throwing balls and toys and engaging all to participate.

Perfect Group Dynamics

Classes are separated by size: small, medium, and large, but temperament and play style are considered in matching play groups. Safety is of paramount importance so guests must attend a full day evaluation prior to enrollment.

Treats & Refreshments

Fresh water is readily served to each guest and potty field trips are provided as needed throughout the day. Feedings are not provided in Daycare but guests accustomed to a midday meal may pack a lunch to be served as an added service.

When to Come

Daycare is available Monday to Friday, 7:00am-6:30pm. We do not offer daycare on Saturday and Sunday. Your pup can also do daycare while staying at the hotel. (All must be evaluated and deemed safe for play)

Daycare Enrollment

Enrollment begins with an interview and evaluation of your dog. He'll spend the day getting to know the resort and his classmates. Once your dog is deemed "safe for play," you'll have access to daily reservations. Enroll here!

Puppy Program

Puppy Program rates are $24/day. Frequent guests have the option of purchasing discounted time blocks of 5, 10, and 20 days. Extended pick-up services, evening hours, and dining options are available as well. Learn about our puppy program!