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Enjoy our Hounds Rooms

“Hounds Rooms are generously sized, climate-controlled retreats, spaciously designed for all sizes of dogs.”

Each Hounds Room is uniquely painted and decorated, and features a comfy raised bed with Uptown Hounds signature sheets, personal ceiling fans and lighting. Each room features fire protection sprikler and ventilation that pressurize each room with returns in hallway allowing proper airflow.  All Hounds Rooms are selected  based upon a maximum weight for each category of room. Upgrading your pets room size is always a great option and is recommended for the high energy pups. Satellite television may be added to this category of room (not available in Hounds Room Giant).

$44 7' x 6'
$46 8' x 6'
$48 8' x 8'
$60 10' x 8'