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Learn why Uptown Hounds is the right choice for my Doggie Daycare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs love to run and romp with their four legged friends. Our parents love that their pup uses that high energy when they're at daycare and much calmer at home. Enroll Today »

What do I need to do for my dog to start daycare?

We will need  to recieve a few forms with information about you and your dog before we can schudule your pet's Daycare Evaluation. It is a very simple process: please click this link for your pet's evaluation forms request.  We will then send you all the required paper work via emal as soon as we receive the request.  We suggest that you fill out the paperwork and stop by for a tour. This will allow you to see where your pet will be playing and we can answer any other questions you may have and set up your evaluation date. We conduct evaluations on Mondays and Tuesdays only.  We do require that all dogs be up to date on vaccinations (See Required Vaccinations). You may have your vet can fax us the vaccination records, or you may provide your own copies. However, we will require proof of vaccinations before scheduling an evaluation.

Uptown Hounds Daycare is Lexington's 4-legged party paradise.

What vaccinations required for daycare?

The health and well-being of our Guests is of the utmost importance to Uptown Hounds. The following vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian are required prior to admittance for services at Uptown Hounds:

DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)
Any exceptions to vaccinations (i.e. puppies) must have a signed and dated release from a licenced veterinarian.

When can I drop off and pick-up for daycare?

Daycare opens at 7:00 am, pick-up is BEFORE 6:30 pm. Any pets that are not picked up by 6:45 pm will be assumed to be staying the night with us and the daily room charge and needed food charges will apply.

How much does daycare cost and do you have packages?

Daycare is $30 per day for a single day. You can save $10 by purchasing a 5 day package for $140 ($28 per day); $40 by purchasing a 10 day package for $260 ($26 per day); or $120 by purchasing a 20 day package for $480 ($24 per day). The package can be used as needed and does not have to consecutive days. The package also allows you to save money and you will not need to pay every time they come.

How young can puppies start daycare?

We encourage puppies to start in daycare as early as their vet recommends. We do require all vaccinations to be completed or have written approval from their vet that they are ready for play.

How many times per week do I need to bring my dog?

Uptown Hounds does not set a requirement of how many times per week in which you need bring your dog to daycare. However, we highly recommend no less than 6 times per month. This will allow your dog to receive the benefits that daycare offers. A 20-day package will give them over 3 months of fun and social interaction. Any pet who has not attended Uptown Hounds' daycare within the last 90 days is required to be re-evaluated. The evaluation fee of $50, and includes that day of daycare.

Can older dogs attend daycare?

Although we do not have age limits, daycare is a higlyh energetic activity and participants must be in good physical health.

Does it cost extra to swim?

Yes, we charge an additional $8.00 for swimming with daycare on swim days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

What is involved in the Evaluation?

We introduce your dog into the appropriate size group based upon the information in which you have provided in the Pre-Assessment paperwork. We introduce them to experienced daycare dogs and look for any aggressive tendency that may be shown. We ask that we have a full day in order to involve your pup in all three playtimes to deem them to be approved and safe for play.

What is a typical number of dogs that my dog will play with?

The size of the group will vary based upon attendance for that day. A typical group will have from 16– 36 pups in the playtime.

Are there certain days when you do Daycare Evaluations?

We only conduct doggie Daycare Evaluations on Monday or Tuesday as these days are typically a slower day allowing for the staff to have more time to work with your pup. We do require that all of Uptown Hounds' paperwork and vaccination records are recieved and logged into our system PRIOR to scheduling your pet's evaluation.

Will my dog play with bigger dogs?

We have 3 separate play groups based upon size: Small, Medium and Large. We assign your pup to the group that is most appropriate for their behavior, play style and size. As a general rule; Small’s are 30 lbs or less, Mediums are 30 to 80lbs and Large are above 80 lbs.

How much does the Evaluation cost?

We charge $50 for the Evaluation which includes that day of daycare. This deposit is required at the time of reservation to hold your pup's spot for their evaluation.

How many playtimes will my dog have per day?

Your pup will have 3 playtimes per day with rest times in between. We start our playtimes with the small group, and rotate though the 3 groups during the day.

Can my dog get sick or hurt?

As with human daycare programs, there is always a risk of catching a communicable illness or sustaining an injury. Doggie Daycare is a highly engaged, active, social and strenuous activity. Your dog will be exchanging saliva, wrestling and acting like the 4-legged party animal they are! Illnesses, Sports injuries or Conflict Injuries can occur, much like kids playing on the playground. First timers may be a little sore until they build up their endurance and stamina. Uptown Hounds is not responsibe in any case of sickness or injury- it is simply is part of the risk of your dog having fun playing with other 4-legged party animals in Doggie Daycare.

Where will my dog be playing?

We have a huge grassy lawn (100’ x 120’) for nice weather days, an 8000 sq. ft. indoor arena for the not so nice weather days.

Do the dogs ever get into fights?

Rarely, but altercations do occur. Our staff are constantly on the lookout for signs of any dog acting overly excited or grumpy- both of which may lead to a conflict. An alternation can happen very quickly, and our staff must act quickly to diffuse the situation. Uptown Hounds cannot be held responsible in any case of fighting. You (the owner) are responsible for any veterinary charges for treatment if injuries do occur.

How long is a playtime?

We limit the play times to between 30 and 40 minutes as this type of high energy play will certainly test your dog's stamina. They will need to rest up a little bit before the next play group.

What happens if my dog gets hurt at daycare?

If your dog is injured and in need of veterinary attention, we would first notify you of the injury. At this point, you may choose to pick up your dog for treatment at your regulat veterinary practice. You may also choose to have our in house Veterinary Wellness Center care for the injury. We reserve the right to administer veterinary care in cases of emergency. You are responsible for any and all charges that are charged by Veterinary Wellness Center or your regula veterinary practice..

Where will my dog stay when they are not playing?

Each dog has their own separate room in a villa for their appropriate size group. This is where they rest and grab a bit of lunch. As always, plenty of fresh water is provided.

Who pays for any vet bills if my dog gets sick or hurt?

Just as it is the parents' responsibility to pay for any medical attention required when their child attends a human daycare, it is the owner's responsibility to pay for any medical attention that their dog may need from sickness, sports related injury or conflict (fighting) injury. In the case of conflict- if we can deem the aggressor- we do ask the owner of the dog who causes the injury to reimburse the owner of the injured dog. However, Uptown Hounds cannot force anyone to reimburse the other party.

Should I bring food?

If your dog always eats lunch, we are happy to give them their mid-day meal. We ask that you place the portion size for the meal in a zip-lock baggy and label it with their name.

What if my dog starts a fight?

If your dog initiates an altercation, you will be responsible to reimburse the owner of the dog who is injured by your dog for any and all veterinary bills which may occur from the altercation. Your dog will be required to be evaluated to determine a cause of the conflict and may be deemed unsafe for play. Uptown Hounds reserves the right to refuse any dog who has been deemed unsafe for play by the staff and management of Uptown Hounds.

What is the staff to dog ratio?

We have two to four staff member with each group during play time. Generally, the ration is less than 12 to 1.

Do they play with toys?

Our Pet Services staff are highly interactive with the dogs. This involves engaging them in activities which include throwing balls, playing soccer, chasing bubbles and many other games that dogs love to play.