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Give them the best possible start

Teaching puppies to play and interact with other dogs in our goal. Having a dog that is highly social allows you to have a dog that can go with you and enjoy the world. Enroll in our premier Puppy
Program. »

Our Puppy Advantage

This program offers supervised socialization imperative to the development of puppies in their very early months. Puppies will start with our small dog daycare group and will graduate to the appropriate group as they grow up.

When to Come

Puppy Program is available Monday to Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm and reservations are required. Extended services for late pick-up is available by reservation. Guests not checked out by reserved time will be charged applicable extended rates.

Puppy Program Rates

We encourage puppies to start in daycare as early as their vet recommends. We do require all vaccinations to be completed or have written approval from their vet that they are ready for play.