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Safety is key! Know the rules before you visit.

Pool Rules

At Uptown Hounds special attention to the safety of all dogs is ultimate goal. Please be considerate of other guests and dogs by following these rules:Pool is for dogs ONLY!!! No Humans in Pool, All Dogs Must be dog friendly, NO Smoking or Glass at Pool,, Owners are responsible for their dog safety and behavior.

Canine guests only

The pool is designed for the exclusive use of our canine guests. That’s right…no people allowed! Of course, dog’s people accompany them into the pool area and can relax poolside, but only dogs should be dog paddling.

Leash Rules

Dogs running can mean great fun, but safety is the key! While in the pool area, dogs should be kept under control and while taking a break between swims, should always be on a leash at the owner’s side.

No smoking & No glass!

For the safety and comfort of all Uptown Hounds guests, canine and people, the entire resort property, to include the pool patio area, is smoke free. Also with safety in mind, please do not bring any glass containers into the pool area.

Owner is responsible

Owner/Guardian or Uptown Hounds staff must accompany any pet using the pool and understand and accept the responsibility of safety and protection of all pets and visitors in the pool area.

Conduct yourself

The pool is an area where multiple owners and pets may enjoy themselves and this exclusive atmosphere together. Please respect others sharing the pool during your session. Share swim tips, swap puppy stories, but be sure to maintain control of your dog to avoid confrontations.