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  • Yes it's true..UpTown Hounds is the Ritz for dogs. Whatever, whenever, where ever, how ever; they've got it covered, not to mention the the grounds being Six Flags for your pup! Given all of this, there is still something else that keeps me coming again and again. I love how they love my dogs! When I leave, I feel like I just left my bulldogs with people who love doggies as much as me. George, Sophi, Anna, and I all agree, they are worthy every penny! Thanks for everything!

    Casey Hagedorn
  • I was very nervous to leave my 8 year old dog at a boarding facility since my shih-tzu had never been boarded. It was a unique and very reassuring experience for both of us. He was very much himself upon coming home, so I KNEW he was well cared for in our absence.I would highly recommend Uptown Hound! From a very picky Dog Lover.

    Debbie Thompson
  • Thanks for all you do! First experience was overnights at the hotel for my niece's dog - Ella. Over the months, utilized daycare, spa and most recently pool! Ella is so excited upon arrival - almost embarrassing to see her trying to get inside your doors!


    Pampered pet palace

    Topnotch staff & facility





    Overwhelming & Outstanding


    Needs are surpassed

    Dedicated & devine

    Superior service

    Candy Pettry

    Candy Pettry
  • Salon & Concierge Service get an A+! They went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable leaving my puppy there for grooming. I will definitely bring him back!

    Shaneka Boone
  • The facility is fantastic but the staff is even more impressive. These folks LOVE your pet! Our dogs were kept comfortable and secure and even coddled during their stay. The staff even accomodated our dogs' visitors who came to check on (play with) Archie and Carmen during their first stay away from us. We missed the puppies terribly but take great comfort in them being treated just like they were at home. Do you accomodate humans?!

    Dean Capello
  • I love coming to your place, even though I am closer to Hamburg. But what keeps me coming back are your 2 receptionists Adam and Emily! When I call they know exactly who I am and who my dogs are. I love the service that you all provide and working AAA, I know all about customer satisfaction and I'm definitely "totally satisfied"! I'm very pleased how they have been helping me getting my 2 dogs to sit and stay during the leash hand off, Thanks!

    Stephanie Croxton
  • I can't tell you how pleased I have been with Uptown Hounds. I travel a lot throughout the year and have been to a NUMBER of boarding facilities both here in Lexington and in my hometown of Houston. And from those experiences, I can honestly say that there is NO COMPARISON to Uptown Hounds! I have an elderly english bulldog named Crunch who is my 'baby' and needs a little extra TLC. Normally, he is terrified of going to his 'hotel' while I'm gone and practically runs to the car when I come to pick him up at the end of his stay. But at Uptown Hounds, I know he is treated with love because he comes out happy and doesn't want to leave! The place is impeccably clean, super quiet with relaxing music for the dogs to listen to, they know Crunch by name when he walks in the door for his stay, and when I come to pick him up, they have even gone the extra mile to clean his food dishes and blankets. Other boarding facilities should take some notes on how you guys run a business. You treat our 'kids' as if they were your own, and you have no idea how much I appreciate that, and the peace of mind it brings me while I'm gone. Thank you so much...

    Natalie Mahan
  • Hooray for Uptown Hounds! We boarded our four-month-old puppy, Comfort, at Uptown Hounds for ten days during a family vacation. Not only did Comfort have a clean and comfortable room (instead of a cage), kind and caring folks to give her constant attention, a large arena to play in, and other puppies to play with, Comfort's time at Uptown was actually constructive. The training we had started at home was continued and expanded upon at Uptown. While at Uptown, Comfort became more reliable in obeying commands, and learned new commands as well. So, upon our return, not only did we pick up a happy, healthy, clean and well-groomed Comfort, but a BETTER Comfort; better trained, better socialized, just better overall.

    Additionally, during our vacation, we received several emails from Uptown, letting us know what and how Comfort was doing. The staff members, the trainer, and the owner of Uptown all spoke of her affectionately in their emails; and were clearly familiar with Comfort and her personality. As a result, we never worried, but felt free to enjoy ourselves, as Comfort was obviously enjoying herself!

    I highly, highly, highly recommend Uptown Hounds, for grooming, daycare, boarding, training and FUN! Thank you Uptown Hounds!

    Catherine Payne